Traverse City Businesses Looking for Summer Help

Next time you’re driving through Traverse City, play a game and count how many “Now Hiring” signs you see in business windows.

Chances are, you might lose track after a while.

Traverse City businesses are buckling up for what’s expected to be a very busy summer season and they’re looking to hire more staff.

The peak season is approaching and many businesses need more workers to keep up.

J&S Hamburg in downtown Traverse City needs people as soon as possible. They’re hiring waitresses, cooks and dishwashers to manage the crowds that keep growing bigger every year.

“Once this time of year hits, we are begging for people to come in and work,” said J&S waitress Julia Ling.

“With Cherry Fest coming, we get slammed…packed full, lines out the door, everyone’s working as hard as they can. It gets hectic. We definitely could use help, for sure.”

They’re not the only ones. Mari Vineyards on the peninsula is increasing their staff by 50% this season.

“We’re carrying the biggest staff, close to 30 people, that we’ve ever had in the three years we’ve been open,” said Mari Vineyards tasting room manager Andy Jacobson. “The wine industry just continues to grow in the area and with that comes more people more bodies.”

More visitors and more staff all add up to a delicate numbers game that managers are trying to work out.

“With increased manpower comes increased labor costs,” said Jacobson. “To meet the demand of the extra people it takes extra people.”