Scientists Fear 5G Cell Phones Could Interfere With Weather Satellites

Government meteorologists are on the lookout for what could be another big problem, “5G” cell phones.

A new cellphone network tech called “5G” could have internet speeds many times faster than your current phone.

The standard 4G networks operate at six gigahertz or lower.

5G would be at 24 gigahertz frequencies or higher.

Some scientists worry this could cause interference with weather satellites that measure water vapor.

Those use signals right next to 5G, which could cause disruptions and less accurate forecasts.

“The data is essential. 90% of data going into forecast models comes from weather satellites. If you remove a good portion of that satellite data you’re crippling our ability to make accurate weather forecasts,” explained Atmospheric Sciences Director, Marshall Sheperd.

A group representing telecom companies says fears are overblown and the satellites are, “much less susceptible to interference” than some claim.

Some scientists say if the satellite data is lost, it would take forecasts back to the 1980s.