Producer Chat: Kidney Transplant Student & Star Wars Singing Kid

We’re at the time of the year where students are checking out for the year and the amazing teachers that have guided them, nurtured them, and formed incredible relationships with through the year are likely having their patience tried.

We are giving a shout-out to every single educator out there making it through these final weeks.

One Colorado teacher is an absolute super hero though.

He is adopting a sick seventh grader in need of a stable home so he can stay on the kidney transplant list.

Finn Lanning met the boy, Damien, back in August when school started.

Damien told his teacher that he had to go live in the hospital, something he has done a lot in his young life.

The problem is that Damien couldn’t be put on the transplant list because he didn’t have stable housing.

They are considered high risk for their organ not to work.

So to get a kidney, Damien needed a home.

Mister Finn didn’t hesitate to foster him until they get the call.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Wars

The end of the year also means school performances.

A little boy in Wyoming was supposed to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with two classmates.

Instead, the little Star Wars fan hijacked the performance.

Watch the video above to enjoy 22 seconds of absolute hilarity from the little boy’s aunt who posted it on Twitter with the handle @actuallyerin.

The dark side is strong in him.

And we want to see your hilarious kid videos, jokes, you name it.

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