Peregrine Falcon Chicks Hatching on International Bridge

Exciting news from the International Bridge in Sault Ste. Marie!

A pair of peregrine falcons that nested on the bridge are about to become parents! 

According to the International Bridge Authority, the falcons laid two eggs in the nesting box on the bridge in April and it looks like the chicks are starting to hatch!

The International Bridge built a box in 2010 for the falcons to nest in, because they were exposed to the elements.

The peregrine falcon is listed as an endangered species in Michigan, protected by state law.

Peregrine falcons we’re wiped out in the 1950s by the use of D.D.T. and other pesticides.

They were reintroduced in the ‘80s around the Pictures Rocks area, but soon found they liked manmade structures as well.

You can check out the live Falcon Cam here.