Hook & Hunting: Bass Fishing Season Begins

Bass fishing season kicked off on Saturday and will run through the rest of the year.

One of the owners at the Sports Barn in Higgins Lake says right now it’s a slow time for bass because the water still needs to warm up.

But for those heading out on the lake, he suggests using crawlers for live bait. 

For those who prefer artificial bait, he says deep diving crank baits are the way to go.

While the weather still has some warming up to do, he says it’s not too early to get out on the water.

“Don’t hold out. Get out there and fish. I mean, you may have missed the best day you would’ve had. If you have the opportunity, get out there. You can catch them if you aren’t in the water,” said Dave Jackson.

For fishermen on Higgins Lake, the Sports Barn owners recommend areas like Detroit Point and Treasure Island if you’re looking to catch bass.


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