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Tri4Kristie Memorial Race in Leland

Promo Image: Tri4Kristie Memorial Race in Leland

One local teen believed that her mom had more to do before her passing and took it into her own hands.

She missed her mom and wanted to do something to remember her each year and this race was the perfect opportunity.

Kristie Yaakoby had dedicated her life to helping others through her knowledge in nutrition and fitness.

The young girl then formed an alliance with two other willing women and they created this annual memorial race.

This years race is on June 15th at 9:00 a.m. at the Nedows Bay Beach in Leland.

Talia said, “I’d like my mom to be remembered for who she is: my mom, everyone’s friend and most importantly a role model. I would hope she would be remembered for her ferocity towards life and the way she embraced everything good and bad.”

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