Traverse City Senior Center: Friendly Competition in Pickleball and Shuffleboard

You’re never too old to keep your brain and body moving. This is why seniors are spending their afternoons picking up a friendly game of pickleball or shuffle board. The Traverse City Senior Center is giving seniors the opportunity to get outdoors, get moving and be social.

Ron Put says, “Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Especially with the 55 and over community.” This sport is exploding here in Traverse City. Ron says they have nearly 200 active members playing year-round.

For people like Brigid Harrington it’s more than just staying in good shape physically, it’s about creating friendships. “I am recently new to Traverse City and I didn’t know a soul so I started playing pickleball and the social aspect of it is incredible.”

These seniors love the sport so much that they are having a hard time putting their paddles down. “One thing about pickleball – people start it and get addicted to it so that is a drawback but a lot of people will start biking or walking or swimming or aerobics just to get in shape to play more pickleball. It’s just so addicting,” says Ron Put.

If running and getting physically fit isn’t in the cards for you there is shuffleboard. A game that takes a mental strength and strategy. Pat Saunby explains that the rules are simple. “You push the discs from one end to another and try to get into the diamond shape to get a point and your opponent tries to knock you off or also get some points.

At the end of the day these seniors are leaving with many victories– win or lose. “The scores aren’t important -it’s the game, the fun of it and the comradery of the people,” says Pat Saunby.

If you are interested in learning more or joining, click here. 

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