Kalkaska KAIR Food Pantry Able to Serve More People Thanks to Grant

A Kalkaska food pantry is getting a huge boost in the form of a grant for a food cooler. Kalkaska KAIR recently got word of the $6,600 gift from the Kalkaska group 100 Women Who Care.

The KAIR Food Pantry serves 1,200 people per month. That’s 400 families who rely on 20,000 pounds of food donations.

KAIR says most of those people are limited to two visits a month, but the new cooler will mean they can buy more perishable foods, fruits, and vegetables. That means KAIR can double the assistance to families in need.

Executive Director Cathy Somes says, “The expansion of services will be to include all families where they can use our pantry four times a month. That will help single moms with children, families with children.”

KAIR says the gift comes at a great time because they’re also getting a boost from a nearby grocery store. The Simply Give program through the Meijer store in Acme will match donations made to the KAIR Food Pantry. There are also special bonus days where Meijer will triple the match.

Find more information on KAIR at kalkaskakairs.com and on Meijer Simply Give at meijercommunity.com.