Ferris State Professor Discusses Mueller Statement on Russia Investigation

Wednesday’s statement by Robert Mueller was the latest chapter in the Russia investigation.

Ferris State University Associate Professor of History, Tracy Busch has spent years studying Russia.

She says there were several big takeaways from Robert Mueller’s statement.

The first; what appeared to be a warning about potential future Russian interference.

“They have a lot to gain when they divide us as American’s, so when I see how divided we are I’m very disconcerted and I think we should realize some of what we’re hearing and seeing  is not true American discourse, that this is being fed by operatives,” said Busch.

The second; Mueller’s statement on whether the president obstructed justice during the investigation.

Busch says congress must now decide what to do with that information.

“It’s pretty much the same as he’s been saying, he’s very consistent in his message. It seems like he wants to hand it off to Congress and now it’s up to Congress to decide whether or not they choose to move on the information he found as a result of his investigation,” said Busch.

9&10 News also spoke to northern Michigan Congressman Jack Bergman about Mueller’s statement.

“Well, I think it’s time to move on, in fact if there was something there it would have been said, there is no, there was no collusion, so Mueller has resigned, his office is shutting down and it’s time for the American public to get on with the fact that we’ve got a booming economy, we’ve got a president who cares, we’ve got people working together every day, Democrats and Republicans every day in D.C,” said Bergman.