Community Looking for Answers on Unkempt Cemetery in Leelanau County

Families and a community are upset over the lack of maintenance at a cemetery in Leelanau County.

The East Kasson Cemetery is a privately owned cemetery but the problem is, no one knows who owns it.

Even Kasson Township tried digging into it but couldn’t find answers.

“I’d go out of my way to help take care of any cemetery, that’s just the way I am,” said Rich Hulbert, a local grave digger.

Hulbert does what he can to maintain the East Kasson Cemetery, all on a volunteer basis.

“You know it is a cemetery so it should look nice for all, especially the ones that are resting here,” said Hulbert.

Dozens rest here, but many of their families say they’re shocked to see the condition it’s in.

“The big thing is the upkeep of it. You know these people deserve respect. A lot of them made this area what it is so it should look nice for them and their families to come and visit,” said Hulbert.

Not only does the grass need help, but a broken fence as well.

“Been a lot of questions or rumors or stories,” said Hulbert.

Question, rumors and stories about who owns this cemetery.

“That’s kind of what we want to find out,” said Hulbert.

The Kasson Township Clerk says they looked into it and believe decades ago the property was donated to a church but when it dissolved, there was no paperwork that designated this land to anyone.

Now Hulbert and other community members hope to form a group that can work together to clean up the cemetery.

“We just want to get to where we know it’s going to be taken care of now and in the near future where we aren’t having this issue where you come to visit and grass is up to your knees,” said Hulbert.