Attorney General Nessel Vows to Move to Shut Down Line 5

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has vowed to move to shut down Line 5 within 30 days if Governor Gretchen Whitmer doesn’t reach a deal.

This vow from Attorney General Nessel comes as Governor Whitmer has been negotiating for a faster timeline to shut down Line 5. 

Line 5 runs under the Straits of Mackinac just west of the Mackinac Bridge.

Governor Whitmer has been negotiating with the oil company Enbridge to get the pipeline shut down and switched over to a utility tunnel faster than their current seven to ten year timeline.

Until now, the attorney general has not put a deadline on the project.

Nessel said this is not a surprise to Governor Whitmer. This is something they have been discussing together.

“We need to preserve the sanctity of the Great Lakes in order to have a thriving Michigan and, ultimately, at the end of the day, that’s my goal,” said Nessel at the Mackinac Policy Conference.