Versiti Blood Center of Michigan in Need of O-Negative Blood Donations

Blood banks are seeing a critical shortage of type O-negative blood supply.

O-negative blood is the universal donor and crucial to emergency rooms and trauma centers.

Versiti Blood Center of Michigan says they have not been getting enough type O-negative donations to keep up with demand.

Versiti supplies blood to Munson hospitals and needs 560 units a day to meet the state’s demand.

But lately donations are down.

“Summer time is a very tough time for vacations, people are taking vacations we just had a holiday weekend and the need for blood doesn’t take a holiday or vacation so it’s always there,” says Versiti Blood Center regional manager, Brig Cutler.

It takes one hour to donate blood and walk ins at the Versiti Blood Center in Traverse City are welcome.

If you want to donate, click here.