Positive Parenting: Teen Sleep & Better Grades

Is your teenager getting enough sleep?

There have been many debates over whether later school start times facilitate better school performance for kids and school officials in Seattle put it to the test.

The American Academy of Pediatrics called for school districts to move their start times later than 8:30 in 2014, but many did not.

They said, “School, sports, college prep, homework. Teens fit a lot into their day and that may be cutting into their sleep.”

They then moved their school start times from 7:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.

Researchers from the University of Washington studied high school students before and after the school start time change and they found that their sleep increased by 34 minutes.

They also found a decrease in absences and tardiness and an overall improvement of grades.

Only 17 percent of public middle and high schools have moved their start times past the suggested time even after this research was released.

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