High Water Levels on Lake Michigan Causing Hazards in Water, On Land

High water levels on Lake Michigan are causing some unusual issues for boaters and tourists in Ludington.

While they are struggling with things like water overflowing onto docks and break walls, they’re also seeing an increase in debris in the lake.

Parts of the wetlands are believed to be breaking off, floating into Lake Michigan and causing a hazard for boaters.

“With all the high water levels, we’re seeing a lot of debris from the land out in the waterways,” said Deputy Adam Lamb from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office Marine Division.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office Marine Division found this chunk of land floating north of the Ludington Pier on Monday.

They say it was the size of two large boats.

“This is the first I’ve seen it out in the big lake this large so yeah we’re out there daily trying to make sure the harbors clear and the waterways are clear,” said Lamb.

So how exactly do they address this issue?

“I poked at it with our hook to break it up a little bit and then what I did was I did circles around it and drowned it, trying to get all the roots and all the sand broke free,” said Lamb.

High water level are creating issues out on the lake and on land for tourists hoping to enjoy the break wall path to the lighthouse.

“We made the long trip across just so we could do that so we’re disappointed,” said Susan Lamphear, a tourist from Missouri.

Lamphear and her husband brought their granddaughter here, hoping to walk the break wall.

“He said are you sure this is a lighthouse we can actually walk out to and I said it shows in the brochures of the past that yes, you can go out to it,” said Lamphear.

But that wasn’t the case Tuesday.

“There’s no way you can walk on that without being washed out today so we have to look from afar,” said Lamphear.

This issue is expected to continue while lake levels are at the high level that they are.