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Promo Image: Traverse City Urges Community to Adopt a Catch Basin

Traverse City Urges Community to Adopt a Catch Basin

A new program in Northern Michigan is asking for the community’s help to protect our water resources.

The Department of Public Services and Municipal Utilities in Traverse City has launched the Adopt a Catch Basin program.

There are over 1,500 catch basins in the city.

They are asking residents to go online, adopt a catch basin and clear it of debris.

The city tells us that debris can build up over time, causing blockage that leads to water build up on the streets and sidewalks.

Director of Public Services in Traverse City, Frank Dituri, says debris can also enter the catch basin, move into our storm water system and eventually pollute our waterways.

“Debris that winds up in the catch basins can contribute to the premature degeneration of those pipes and structures,” he says. “So the less you put in there, the longer the system will last, essentially saving some dollars.”

For more information on how to adopt a catch basin, visit