MI House Speaker Rep. Lee Chatfield Talks Auto Insurance Reform

Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R – Levering) says auto insurance reform has always been a top priority for him.

“I travel the state of Michigan and talk to people here in Northern Michigan, people are fed up with paying the highest car insurance rates in the country,” Rep. Chatfield said.

Rep. Chatfield says he is proud to say leaders in Lansing finally reached an agreement.  

“I think reform of car insurance has alluded the Michigan legislature for the past 30 years and I was happy to partner with Senate Majority Leader Shirkey and Governor Whitmer,” Rep. Chatfield said.

But how exactly is this bill expected to save you money?

“Written into this bill is a mandated rollback on insurance companies to ensure that the savings that they see through this bill will get passed down to the consumers which will start in July of 2020,” Rep. Chatfield said.

Lawmakers wanted to ensure, this bill would lower car insurance rated for Michigan drivers.

“We also want to ensure we have some cost containment put in this and capping what hospitals can charge for procedures happening because of a car accident,” Rep. Chatfield said.

How much can the average driver in Michigan be expecting to be saving with this new bill?

“They can see their bill cut in half or up to forty or fifty percent, depending on what they choose,” Rep. Chatfield said.

However, critics say it does not do much for those who already can’t afford insurance.

“Forty-nine other states have made this work, there’s a lot of scare tactics out there by the lobbyists and stakeholders to ensure that we don’t have reform,” Rep. Chatfield said. “The fact of the matter is, by giving people a choice in coverage that they want in car insurance is a big step in the state of Michigan.”

Rep. Chatfield says we could be seeing Governor Whitmer sign the bill at the 2019 Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island.