71% of Drivers Admitted to Taking Photos and Texting While Driving by Emergency Workers

New research from the National Safety Council found more people are on their phone while driving past first responders.

AAA estimates nearly 43 million Americans are traveling this Memorial Day weekend.

But, new research shows many of those drivers are profoundly distracted by their phones when they’re rolling past first responders. 

The results are increasingly deadly.

40 first responders were killed on the side of the road last year. That’s up 60% from 2017.

71% of drivers admitted to taking photos and texting while driving by emergency workers.

That’s nearly triple the 24% who admitted to doing it under normal driving conditions.

“What surprised us most about this study was the magnitude of people who are really exercising very dangerous behavior. They’re adding another level of exposure to these first responders,” said Kelly Nantel with the National Safety Council.

All 50 states have a ‘move over’ law that requires drivers to give first responders room to work, but police say it’s about 50-50 if people actually do it.