Twin Creek Inn Restaurant Lost To Fire in Luther

A historic Northern Michigan restaurant has been reduced to rubble.

Charred timbers and a sign are all that’s left of the Twin Creek Inn in Luther. Its owner says it was lost in an early morning fire.

Owner Linnea Meyer says she left the restaurant around 10:30 p.m. Saturday. She was back less than six hours later to see her business in flames.

Photo by Dave Bennink

Meyer says the fire started in Twin Creek’s kitchen.

We spoke to people like Brenda Payton, from Buchanan, who is sad to see one of her favorite spots destroyed.

“I don’t think we’ve ever been here without coming to Twin Creek,” Payton says. “It’s so sad. Heartbreaking. It’s a piece of our history, our life burned up.”

The establishment even had fans from out of state, like longtime patron Don Douglas of Columbia City, Indiana.

“It’s kind of sad, a lot of memories (were had there),” Douglas says.  “I bring a lot of people up here over the years and they made you feel like you were at home. All the waitresses always joked with you.”

Both of the families 9&10 News talked to said they hope the owners are able to rebuild.

Owner Linnea Meyer says the inn was insured and she would like to reopen.