Volunteers Help Out During 15th Annual Boardman River Clean Sweep


Dozens of volunteers took to the water today in Traverse City for a good cause.

They participated in the 15th Annual Boardman River Clean Sweep.

People in the group go out on the Boardman River in kayaks at different points throughout Traverse City.

The main goal is to keep the river clean and free of garbage.

Several local organizations help with this cleanup, including the Great Lakes Commission and American Waste.

The funding for the event comes from grants.

Since the beginning of the cleanup initiative, the group has noticed the amount of trash in the river keeps going down.

Tracie Lord, the president of the Traverse Area Paddle Club, said

“I have a lot of investment and a lot of pride in this town. And when people come up to visit, we’re a big tourist area, I figure if it’s clean when they get here, they’re likely to leave it clean when they leave.”

If you’d like to get involved, go to brcleansweep.org