Troopers Discover Stolen Silver, Platinum Bars During Traffic Stop

A man pulled over for a registration violation led troopers to find silver and platinum bars in his car.

State police say Scott McDaniel was stopped in Cadillac around 1 a.m. last Sunday. 

After finding meth on McDaniel, state police searched his car.

That’s when they found the silver and platinum bars in the back seat.

Ten 10-ounce silver bars and four 1-ounce platinum bars were hidden in a CD case.

Troopers say the bars value at almost $5,000.

They say McDaniel stole them from a Mesick home.

A tip a few days later told them McDaniel traded some of the platinum bars for a jeep and camper in Leroy.

Troopers went to a home in Leroy and found $29,000 worth of platinum bars buried in the backyard.

McDaniel is charged with having meth, stealing more than $20,000, being a repeat offender and other charges.