State Police Find Nearly $30K Worth of Silver and Platinum Bars

State police find more than $30,000 worth of stolen silver and platinum bars during an investigation that started from a traffic stop.

Troopers pulled over a car last Sunday for a registration violation.

The driver, Scott McDaniel was heading down Mitchell Street in Cadillac.

After searching his car, troopers found one gram of suspected meth and $5,000 5 thousand worth of silver and platinum bars.

Police say the bars were stolen from a Mesick home and used to buy a Jeep and camper in Leroy.

Troopers dug in the yard of the Leroy home and found almost $30,000 worth of platinum bars.

“A lot of people collect and or save precious metals for investment purposes and or as an insurance, so to speak. If currency value goes down, often time gold or silver will often still maintain its value, or platinum in this case,” said Lt. Travis House with the Michigan State Police.

McDaniel is charged with having meth and these stolen bars.