Businesses Gearing Up for Busy Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend, people are checking in, to check out Traverse City.

Businesses across town are getting busy and booked for the long weekend.

The Park Place Hotel is packed with Memorial Day weekend visitors and business is doing a little bit better than last year.

“I think we are a little up compared to last year,” said Park Place Hotel assistant general manager Tom Maloney. “Every year it seems to be going better and better.”

On the Old Mission Peninsula, wineries and vineyards are also gearing up for the season.

Mari Vineyards scheduled extra staff for what they say will be one of their biggest summer seasons yet.

“It’s the biggest staff we’ve ever carried,” said Andy Jacobson, Mari Vineyard’s tasting room manager. “It’s really kind of escalated in the last three years…every kind of increment seems to be busier and busier.”

Jacobson says Memorial Day weekend is a good run-through for the busy summer traffic to come.

“It’s kind of a litmus test for those [employees] that are new, this is what we’re going to see when we’re full swing,” said Jacobson. “For the staff we have coming back, it gets their feet back under them and gets them into the routine quickly.”

Traffic is picking up in the businesses and the roads, too. Construction on Eighth street and road closures have further complicated travel for visitors and tourists alike.

While the extra traffic can be inconvenient, it’s a good sign of a healthy tourist town.

“We are looking forward to having a great summer,” said Jacobson.