Osceola County Deer Farmer Arraigned on Several Violations

The owner of two privately owned deer farms in Osceola County is pleading not guilty to 11 charges of not taking care of the facilities.

Ryan Hopkins of Sears, owns Hopkins Trophy Whitetails in the town.

Hopkins Trophy Whitetails, which operates both a breeding facility and a ranch in Sears, offers paying clients the opportunity to hunt whitetail deer.

The DNR says Hopkins has a history of failing to keep his facilities up to standard and submit reports about them.

Hopkins’ history of violations includes failure to maintain facility fencing standards and inspection records, submitting annual inventory reports, meeting animal tagging requirements and properly registering two facilities.

“Conservation officers conduct inspections at privately owned cervid facilities and take legal action when a POC violates regulations set by the state,” said DNR Law Enforcement Chief Gary Hagler.

Hopkins will be back in court on June 7.