Michigan State Police Marine Services Team Find Missing Plane in Frankfort

Michigan State Police Marine Services Team found a plane that went missing nearly two weeks ago.

While the plane was found, the two men on board, Emanuel Manos and Randy Dippold are still missing.

“They let that vehicle do its job and it did its job and it was able to locate the plane,” said Sheriff Ted Schendel from the Benzie County Sheriff’s Office.

A plane police thought would be impossible to find, discovered about four and half miles off the coast of Lake Michigan and about 515 feet underwater.

“It was a really good feeling,” said Sgt. Randy Parros, the team commander for the MSP Marine Services Team.

“With the autonomous underwater vehicle, AUV, is its all programmable. There’s no tether to it so we program it with a laptop,” explained Parros. “It has the capability now to go down for the duration of its search, up to possibly 6 hours conducting a sonar sweep of the bottom.”

They pulled the AUV out of the water, reviewed the data and that allowed them to confirm the plane found was the one they had been searching for.

“It was relatively enact. Just some minor damage to it as well as the door was open,” said Parros.

This is leading police to believe it’s possible they landed the aircraft and exited the plane.

The recovery effort to find the men will continue.

“We’ll continue to span out from around the aircraft and attempt to scan it at a much smaller scale so we can get more definition of the surrounding area where the aircraft is at and then hopefully we can identify where they might be,” said Parros.

“If we can provide any closure for them then we’ve done our duty and that’s what we want. I mean we really want to be able to get out there and find those folks,” said Schendel.