Changes to Michigan Fireworks Laws Affect Memorial Day

Some people like to celebrate Memorial Day with some fireworks, but Michigan’s fireworks law is a little different this year.

“It was the day before, the after and the day of any federal holiday,” Bill Barnes, co-owner of Pro Fireworks, said.

That law has changed.

This year, you are not allowed to shoot fireworks off on Memorial Day. You can only shoot them off on Saturday and Sunday until 11:45 p.m.

Barnes has worked with lawmakers on the changes,

“Sunday, Monday, Tuesday would have been the legal shoot days so that has changed now to be Saturday and Sunday, the actual weekend when people want to shoot,” Barnes said. “We think it’s a good thing.”

If you don’t follow the law, it will cost you.

“It is a $1,000 fine and $500 of that fine goes back to the law enforcement agency in charge of enforcing that,” Emmet County Sheriff Peter Wallin said.

These times apply to any firework that shoots into the air and explodes, so it’s important to know what you buy.

“If somebody comes in the store and is not sure what something does, we have the ability to scan it and show it right on the TV,” Barnes said.

Barnes also makes sure they are informing customers of the changes.

“We make sure that we not only tell all of our customers that the days and times have changed, but we print it right on the receipt,” Barnes said.

If you ever are unsure of your local laws, call your local government agency.