Michigan State Police St. Ignace Post Welcomes New Commander

It was not the typical scene for a police station.

The St. Ignace Post of Michigan State Police hosted a little celebration Wednesday.  

The post welcomed community members inside the post to celebrate the post’s new commander and get to know their area troops in a little more of a relaxed setting.

On top of the new commander, the post also has some younger troops and have welcomed on a few new ones.

New commander, first Lieutenant John Schneider says he felt it was important to meet the community he’ll be working to protect and serve.

“The people that we have are just incredible that we have to work with,” said Lt. John Schneider, Michigan State Police St. Ignace Post Commander. “The community is so welcoming, it’s really exciting.”

The commander also said he and his wife grew up in the U.P. and said they are glad to be home.