Visa Delay Causes Staff Shortage at Mackinac Island Resort

Mackinac Island is one of the top tourist destinations in Northern Michigan.

It takes about 3,000 additional workers to keep the island running each season. Many of these workers require an H2B visa.

“It’s amazing the workers we can get on an annual basis that come here year after year really add to the fabric of the whole Mackinac Island experience,” said Tim Hygh, the executive director of the Mackinac Island Tourism Board.

Delays on visa approval has caused Mission Point Resort to not have the workers they need. That lead management to make a difficult decision, to temporarily close their Chianti restaurant.

Management says it’s all with the guests in mind.  

“We want to ensure that all of the guests that are in house are getting 100% service and they’re getting the Mission Point experience,” said Brandon Sheldon, General Manager of the Mission Point Resort

Sheldon says Mission Point is a big family.

“We’re missing our family, but at the same time the family that we have here is doing an amazing job,” Sheldon said. “There’s not a lot of companies where you see the owners on their hands and knees stripping rooms.”

Mackinac Island Tourism says they have had issues in the past, but never anything like this. For now, they’re taking these hurdles as they come.

“They’re only going to promise the services they can provide, said Hygh. “They’re not gonna over promise and under deliver.”

Management wants to make it very clear they are doing everything they can here to make sure every guest is taken care of.

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