The Village Of Hersey Appoints New President

“It’s now time for everybody to get together and realize what a wonderful little village we have,” said Jason Daday, a former board member for the Village of Hersey.

The board for the village of Hersey appointed a new village president Tuesday night, following the resignation of their former president.

Robin Marvel served as the village president since November 2016.

During that time, the board didn’t always see eye to eye.

On Monday, Marvel submitted her letter of resignation, which the board approved tonight.

“It’s been a long time and it’s been a challenge, but we made it,” said Karen Huisman, the newly appointed Village President.

Huisman says she plans to do things a little differently and learn from what she says were former President Marvel’s mistakes.

“Communicate, that’s probably the biggest thing. Treat people with respect. If you want to be respected, you have to treat them with respect,” said Huisman.

9&10 spoke with Marvel on Monday, who says she chose to resign because she felt the board was taking the village in the wrong direction.

“I just want to see Hersey flourish. There is such potential here, we got a road grant that is going to make a huge difference. There’s so much good in this village and the people are really good and so hopefully with me going out, the board can work cohesively together and prove me wrong that they can take care of it without me. I hope that’s what happens, I really do,” said Marvel.

One former board member says Marvel just wasn’t right for the position.

“The last two and a half years have been trying largely because the former president was ill-prepared for the role and lacked the professionalism to manage the village,” said Daday.

He says he’s excited for this next step.

“There’s just been a lot of hurt feelings when you have people who go around and pretty much label a lot of folks who live here as corrupt and as liars and thieves,” said Daday. “The silver lining to all of this is it has really brought all those folks together to get to know each other a little bit better and I think in the end, we’ll have a stronger community.”