North Lake Correctional Facility in Baldwin Looking to Hire

“For 20 years I’ve been frustrated,” said Baldwin Village President Jim Truxton.

He’s been let down before. Two years ago, the North Lake Correctional Facility closed its doors after another highly-anticipated reopening.

“It’s been tough for the community, when you didn’t have anything in the first place,” said Truxton. “These kinds of stable jobs, we’re one of the few communities in Michigan that hasn’t had something.”

The difference now? Stability, due to a 10 year federal contract.

Nicole Moody, director of human resources for the eastern region, said, “We’ve been utilizing and partnering with Michigan Works. They’ve been very instrumental with our job fair last week and they’re instrumental in our site here at Reed City today.”

From correctional officers to working in the food service department, the hiring events are looking to fill almost 300 positions

After you fill in your online application, you can come to the North Lake Correctional Facility. From there, it’s just a 23 step interview process, from a background check to a review of your credit. In less than two hours you could come home with a new job.

A new job that starts at $17 per hour, and an opportunity, for some who want to come back home.

Bob Sutherland retired from the facility a few years ago. He said, “This was an opportunity to come back into Northern Michigan where I’m originally from. I’m not ready to retire yet, and this is an opportunity, a great opportunity.”

William Dibble who also interviewed for the job said, “I see a lot of resources to help people in need, a lot of cooperation between different agencies… a lot of hope.”