Northwestern Michigan College Serves Thousands of People at Annual Barbecue

A tradition of barbecue and community continued today at Northwestern Michigan College.

The college has been hosting the event for 64 years.

NMC’s president tells us around 500 volunteers worked to put on the meal this year.

From 11 a.m. until 5 nearly 4,000 people came to enjoy a plate of food.

The ticket sales this year will go towards full ride scholarships for local first generation college students, as well as funding for the new Innovation Center, which is expected to open next spring.

NMC says it’s a tradition like no other.

“It has always been a community event in fact the story goes the first barbecue the restaurants in town actually closed and said everyone go to the college and so it is a big tradition. As I talk around the country people don’t understand how we can get this many people on our campus to see our college and just to have a good time together,” says NMC president Timothy Nelson.

NMC says they are grateful to everyone who volunteered to make the event possible.