TBAYS Cherry Capital Cup Brings More Than 12,000 People to Northern Michigan

We anticipate anywhere from 12,000 to 15,000 people up here for this weekend.”

A sea of soccer players from across the state and beyond are coming together in Traverse City this weekend.

The TBAYS hosted the annual Cherry Capital Cup.

It invites players from all over Michigan, Indiana and even Canada.

This year the TBAYS welcomed a record number of teams: 237.

Organizers tell us it’s one of the biggest single venue tournaments in the state.

Athletes ages 10 to 18 play in more than 400 games in 48 hours.

And with thousands of people coming to Northern Michigan, it’s a big boost to the economy.

“We’ve done economic analysis and we bring close to $3.5 million in business to the Traverse City area from our leagues, tournament and recreation, so this kicks off the spring tourism season, gets the hotels and restaurants ready for next week’s Bay Shore Marathon,” says TBAYS technical director, Jason Smith.

If you want to watch the championship games, they’re happening all day Sunday at the Keystone Soccer Complex.