Michigan Woman Running 340 Miles to Raise Awareness for Sexual Abuse

A Michigan woman is running 340 miles across the state of Michigan to raise awareness for victims of sexual abuse.

Dani Filipek is an ultra marathoner and an Olympic Trials qualifier. 

She also works to raise awareness about sexual assault at the Diane Peppler resource center in Sault Ste Marie.

Filipek is running from Sault Ste Marie to Dearborn to help raise awareness and money for the victims that she works with every day.

She’s covering 40 miles a day, stopping every 4 miles for five minute breaks.

Her husband is traveling with her.

But, Filipek says this trek is for the victims.

“Hopefully my courage and my enduring can show that we’re here for them, we’re listening and we’re doing things for them. Every single day, every step I think about the survivors and how I can help them. So if it’s me running three hundred forty miles across the state of Michigan I’m going to do it and every dollar and every step is worth it for them,” said Filipek.

The run will end in Dearborn at the Michigan Coaltion to End Domestic and Sexual Violence.

If you’d like to help her reach her goal, click here.