Hometown Tourist: Raven’s Nest

This week’s Hometown Tourist takes us to a new shop in downtown Petoskey called Raven’s Nest, where two women partnered up and combined their love for art and picking to create a space that is fun to explore.

The Raven’s Nest is full of unique finds and gifts.

The name comes from co-owner Kristi Schubert’s grandfather, who had a group of ravens that would bring him items they found to his wood shed when she was a little girl.

“He had a little cigar box and it said ‘Raven Gifts’ on it, and he wrote that in permanent marker, so that was really special. So when I was thinking what am I going to call this place, that just clicked in my head because it’s like a collection of very special, one-of-a-kind things,” explained Kristi.

So from Raven’s Nest to yours, you’ll find decor, gifts and Michigan artists, all in a variety of price ranges.

“Not untouchable, there’s lots of stuff in here. You can find something in here for $5 or you can find something in here for you know $2,000-$3,000,” said Kristi.

While Kristi is more art-oriented, her business partner is a professional picker of sorts and finds unique vintage items all over the country.

At the end of the day, whether it’s pairing unique mid-century modern pieces or gorgeous large-scale artwork, Kristi just loves what she does.


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