Grand Traverse Co. Jail Administrator Investigation Details Code of Ethics Violations

For years, Todd Ritter ran the Grand Traverse County Jail.

With a Freedom of Information Act request, we are getting a much better picture about the misconduct accusations against the former jail administrator, including inappropriate relationships with former inmates.

Let’s start by breaking down the alleged relationships.

A report from the sheriff says that in July or August of 2017, Ritter met a woman on the Tinder dating app using an alias.

He allegedly told her he knew her from jail and that he was from, “the other side of the bars.”

During that relationship, Ritter reportedly knew she was on probation in another county and it included taking drug tests.

Even so, he’s accused of smoking marijuana around her, offering her the drug, and offering to take her to a bar.

The report also claims Ritter gave her several drug tests and said they were from the sheriff’s office.

Ritter is accused of bringing the woman coffee while on duty, while wearing a uniform and in a sheriff’s office vehicle.

The report also says he took the woman on a work trip to Lansing, where he spent the night with the woman at a hotel and submitted the expense to the sheriff’s office.

In August 2017, Ritter is accused of showing up at the hospital room of someone who had been transferred from the jail to the hospital because of a medical issue.

A deputy was on duty in the hospital with that person.

That person then told the deputy about the alleged relationship between Ritter and the former inmate he met on tinder.

The report claims Ritter showed up in the middle of the night at the hospital and would not tell the deputy why he was there.

He allegedly told the deputy on duty to take a break.

The report says after Ritter left the hospital, the person would not say anything else to the deputy about Ritter’s alleged relationship.

The report also claims Ritter had a relationship with another former inmate for about seven years and that he would make “booty calls” to her and treated her as a “side-thing.”

During the relationship, Ritter is accused of taking this woman into the basement of the governmental center where they kissed and intimately touched.

It also claims he smoked marijuana with this woman and said he ordered it from out of state.

Ritter also showed favoritism toward inmates, according to the report.

It says he approved one inmate for trustee status in a preferred trustee position, cleaning the administrative offices, even though he’s alleged to have known that she was in segregation and had an extensive disciplinary record.

The report claims a majority of deputies disagreed with the decision.

It was reportedly challenged by an administrative sergeant.

The report says he also showed favoritism to another inmate, allowing her serve out her Kalkaska County sentence in the Grand Traverse County Jail, even though the Grand Traverse Jail was overcrowded at the time.

The report also says Ritter kept sexually explicit photos on his county issued cell phone, and used it send and receive sexual text messages and sexually suggestive photos of a woman.

The report from the firm asked to investigate the misconduct. They used the phrase: “the egregious nature of Captain Ritter’s conduct is exemplified by the fact that he violated every paragraph of the code of ethics.”

We are still going through the documents.

You can read the documents we received regarding the investigation below: