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The Four

2019 Empire Asparagus Festival

Fried, raw, or grilled — there is really no wrong way to eat an Asparagus! Festival season has officially kicked off here in Northern Michigan and Empire is celebrating their annual Asparagus festival May 17- 19.

Asparagus farmers like Harry Norconk were off to a slow start this year with the poor weather conditions lingering into spring but they made the most of it and were able to pick fresh asparagus to have at this year’s festival.

At Norconk farm they grow thick asparagus. Harry says, “The newer growers and newer varieties are getting thicker and we are obviously getting thicker asparagus. The stores are sorted and they are in separate bundles.”

Paul Skinner, the owner of the Miser’s Hoard in downtown Empire has put the event on for the last 16 years. He says each year there is plenty to do and the festival gives him the perfect excuse to drink spear beer (courtesy of Right Brain Brewery).

If you want more information on the daily festivities