Rep. Inman Calls Federal Indictment ‘Crap’

Representative Larry Inman is voicing his opinions on being federally indicted, calling it “crap” on a Lansing-based radio show Thursday morning.

Representative Inman is charged with attempted extortion, bribery and lying to the FBI. 

The indictment claims Inman asked for more than $5,000 through text messages from a labor union in exchange for a “no” vote on a prevailing wage repeal law.

The indictment states the union didn’t respond to Inman’s pitch.

He eventually voted ‘yes’ and the law was repealed.

Inman is serving his third term as the 104th District representative in Lansing.

The 104th District covers all of Grand Traverse County.

Inman told the “Michigan Big Show” Wednesday that the text messages he sent can be misinterpreted.

Hours after the federal indictment came down, House Speaker Lee Chatfield called for Inman to resign, and removed him from the committees he was serving on.