Off Duty MSP Trooper Assists in Arrest

On her way to get coffee, off-duty trooper, Marion Hester sprang into action to help a fellow officer.

It started on Monday, when a Wexford County deputy responded to reports of a man breaking into a home. 

The deputy spotted a suspicious man on M-55 near U.S.131.

The man told the officer that he had mental issues and needed to be taken into custody.

When the deputy started to handcuff him, the man started kicking him in the stomach.

That’s when Hester drove by and noticed that something wasn’t right, and stepped in to help.

“In uniform or out of uniform, automatically I just felt like I was in uniform all over again,” said Deputy Hester. “In situations like that it’s better to get the subject detained quickly for their safety, for other peoples safety and of course for the officers safety.”

The man was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation.