Northern Michigan Representatives Calling For Rep. Larry Inman to Resign

State Representative Jack O’Malley is calling for fellow lawmaker Larry Inman to step down.

He wrote,

“I am shocked and saddened reading the charges against Representative Larry Inman. Shocked, because violating the public’s trust is of the most serious charges any elected official can be charged with. Saddened, because I have known Larry for a long time, and I know that he has a great love of the people of the 104th District, public service, and the Michigan House of Representatives,” said O’Malley.

“In this country everyone is innocent until proven guilty – everyone. I believe this to hold true of Representative Inman as well. But I worry that the media show that is about to ensue will be a distraction from the needs of the people of Grand Traverse County, the House of Representatives, and the work that we are accomplishing. These are all things I know Representative Inman cares deeply about, which is why it is time for him to make the right decision for them,” explained O’Malley. 

“A resignation is not an admission of guilt. It is simply an admission that the path he is now walking would hurt the things he cares most deeply about. The people of the 104th need someone in that office that can give a hundred percent of their focus to serving the community. I believe that is impossible for Representative Inman to achieve now. His resignation would also allow him time to focus vigorously on his defense. I wish Representative Inman nothing but the best as he fights to defend his reputation. I hope he can see this as what is best for himself, the people of the 104th and the entire State of Michigan. I encourage Representative Inman to step down immediately,” said O’Malley.

State Representative  Triston Cole is also calling for Inman to resign.

In a statement on social media, Cole said that he has asked 104 District Representative Inman to step down after talking with him on Thursday.

He says based on the texts sent by Inman, people deserve better from the elected officials.