MedWatch: New Manistee Health & Fitness Center

Wellness starts with being proactive.

People are responsible for the care and keeping of themselves. That’s why it only makes sense for a medical center to also have a great place where everyone can get moving.

Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital just opened its brand new health and fitness center – a place for people to start, continue or revive their fitness journey.

Michelle Dunaway and Corey Adkins take us there in this month’s MedWatch report.

Manistee 8th grader Adam Workman is living up to his name by training hard during the off-season.

He says he wants to get stronger for baseball season, because he hopes to do his best this year. And he adds, “What better place to do it [than] here?”

He works out with his trainer twice a week at the brand new Manistee Health and Fitness Center, part of Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital. 

Adam says his trainer “Pushes me to do my best every day and I’ve gotten way better. My speed has improved and I can jump way higher than my friends when we’re playing basketball against each other.  He’s helped me a lot for baseball training and just being a better athlete.”

This state-of-the art facility just opened in December.

Manager Dursa Marshall says, “We want to keep the community healthy and functional, and to be owned by the hospital we can be part of the continuum of care. So if they’re here for an orthopedic surgery, we can help them after so we can be a part of their whole health journey.”

It’s a place where patients can find rehabilitation, or a new path to health.

Dursa says, “The biggest benefit is we can coordinate care so if their provider has anything specific for them to do they can communicate that with us. And if we have any specific questions, it’s easy for us to communicate that with the provider or their physical therapist because everything is in one house essentially.”

But not just for patients, it’s a place where everyone can find wellness through a great workout.

“We have a wide variety of group fitness classes we’ve just started a spinning class as well, that’s new. We have yoga we have regular strength training we have special classes like core classes,” Dursa continues.

Plus, there’s a very knowledgeable staff that can walk you through a new and sometimes daunting experience.

Dursa says, “We help them out with an exercise program, we do fitness assessments with our members as well so they can see where they start and track their progress. So there’s a wide variety of things they can do. We find that it helps bridge that gap, especially if they are nervous about starting a gym, they can come in, there’s one of us that are with them each time. They can get a feel for how the facility is and find that it’s not the intimidating experience they might feel like it is.”

Dursa and the staff had a lot of say in this big-time relocation and expansion, and take pride in their new home.

“I had the opportunity to be fully involved in buying the equipment and picking out the equipment, so I’m grateful for that opportunity. It’s rewarding to see people improve and I’m a part of that. It’s nice to have people you see them in the community and they say I’m better off working out, it’s just nice to be a part of that.”

It’s also nice for people like Adam, those looking to improve themselves with every rep.

He says, “I feel way more confident that I’m coming here and it’s helped me a lot. It’s still early in the season, but I can tell this is going to be a good season because I feel the best I’ve ever felt coming into a season and I feel as strong as I have.”

For more information on the Manistee Health and Fitness Center, click here.

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