Speaker Chatfield Calls For Rep. Inman To Resign Over Indictment

The news of Representative Larry Inman’s indictment sent waves through Lansing as his fellow lawmakers rushed to figure out what happened and what they need to do going forward to follow the correct legal steps.

Opinions and reaction amongst lawmakers were mixed as they are still trying to sort through the facts of what really went on regarding Representative Inman. but Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield was very clear in what he wants Inman to do.

“The conduct in the text messages sent by Representative Larry Inman are completely out of line and are completely against the spirit of this institution,” says Chatfield, “Because of that, I’ve asked him to resign from his official capacity as a state representative.”

Already, Inman’s office was closed, he was removed from his committees and his desk left empty in session. The federal indictment for attempted extortion, bribery, and lying to the FBI showed Inman referred to lining up 12 votes on the bill in question. It’s not clear if that may implicate other lawmakers.

“I haven’t had a chance to go through the indictment and have no recollection of what he is referencing in the statement,” says Chatfield.

Everything is still just alleged at this point. Inman speaking quickly to 9&10 News off camera reiterated his innocence and said he does not plan to resign.

“I think that it’s a situation where everyone needs to let it play out and get the facts,” says Representative Jack O’Malley, “The facts are what is important.”

“I’m proud that our leadership is handling it swiftly,” says Representative Michele Hoitenga, “I hope we come to some conclusion really soon.”

If he were to resign in the future, Speaker Chatfield says his constituents in Grand Traverse County should call the Michigan House Office with any questions or concerns. Meanwhile Representatives O’Malley and Hoitenga both say their offices can be reached since they are neighboring districts.

Inman is expected to be in federal court in Grand Rapids on May 23.