Michigan House and Senate Pass a Bill to Ban an Abortion Procedure

Michigan lawmakers in the House and Senate passed legislation that aims to ban a specific, second trimester abortion procedure.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer made it clear she plans to veto the abortion bill.

However, one group is working to prevent that.

Right to Life has filed paperwork for a petition that would bypass her decision.

“I am against abortion from day one,” said Sandy Call, a woman who says she is pro-life.

Call says she hopes the governor changes her mind.

If not, she plans to sign the Right to Life petition and hopes they get the 400,000 signatures they need to ban the dilation -and – evacuation procedure.

It’s a complicated issue with complicated opinions on both sides.

“I think there’s exceptions to the two depending on the situation,” said Debbie Jenks, a woman who sees both sides of the issue. “When there’s a flat out ban that concerns me.”

“At the end of the day, abortion is healthcare and those who seek it deserve to have safe, legal procedures,” said Emily Magner, a woman who is pro-choice.

Magner says her great- grandmother died of an illegal abortion, so this is a topic close to her heart.

“The change that we need to see in our state is us talking to our friends and talking to our neighbors and being honest about the circumstances at which people need abortions,” said Magner.

Pro- life or pro- choice, many agree it’s a topic we need to take a closer look at.

“I do think that women have a right to make that sort of decision but we also have to balance state’s rights and if states vote that this is what they want limitations on abortions based on whether it be length of pregnancy I believe in that also,” said Jenks.