International Ride for Silence Honors Bikers Killed in Road Accidents

Wednesday night thousands of cyclists worldwide took a bike ride to remember those who have died or been injured while biking.

Harbor Springs, Cadillac and Traverse City were one of hundreds of cities that hosted the 17th Ride of Silence.

Bikers silently cycled to remember the people who no longer can.

In Traverse City, dozens of cyclists came together for a silent trek through town.

The silence serves as a chance for bikers to focus on their surroundings while remembering those who can no longer pedal along beside them.

Rasa Baker has biked in the Ride for Silence every year since 2003. She does it to remember her father, who was killed while biking in Bear Lake.

“He was riding his bike on a beautiful summer day and was hit on a flat road by a visually impaired driver,” said Baker. “I think about how brave my dad was, he was 74 years old riding a bicycle, doing something healthy for his body.”

Baker and so many others hope the ride reminds drivers to watch out for cyclists and to share the road.

“The state of Michigan has averaged more than 26 cycling deaths per year in the last 10 years,” said Steven Mitton, of the Cherry Capital Cycling Club. “We’re all on the road together, we need to be cognizant of that.”