Glioblastoma Survivor Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

In 2009, Christopher Gee of Traverse City received news that the excruciating headaches he was having were a sign of one of the most aggressive cancers – Glioblastoma. This news came with shock, worry and fear.

Gee says, “You hear cancer and you think the worst.” But just 10 years later, Chris finds himself grateful to be alive each day that passes. “Survival is like 1 percent. So I am extremely blessed that I’ve made it this far,” says Gee.

Chris is a father to two daughters. When he received the news back in 2009 he was afraid he wasn’t going to be able to check his “father duties” off the list. “I wanted to be able to walk them down the aisle and wanted to be a grandfather,” says Gee.

Today it’s looking like he will be afforded those milestone opportunities. He recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

“There were three of us and that was it. So I’m fortunate to be among them,” says Gee.

Just three patients who have been able to reclaim 10 years of their lives. Embracing who they are and what they’ve gone through. They released butterflies as a symbol of freedom and hope for their futures.

As for Chris, he is celebrating each day he’s alive.

“I’m trying to do my best to take one day at a time. Tomorrow is another day and all signs point that I’m going to be here tomorrow.”

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