Cyber Seniors: Students Teaching Seniors how to Use Technology and Social Media

Cyber Seniors is a program that is being held every Friday at the Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical Center where students are teaching seniors how to use technology and social media.

Betty Strunk, a senior who attends the weekly class says, “Technology is always changing. You know you think you’ve learned something and 2 day later it doesn’t work anymore.”

Unfortunately, technology isn’t slowing down for anyone. “It’s a part of our everyday lives and to understand it, comprehend it and use it is pretty important,” says Aaron Darrow, a student with the Digital Media Program.

These empathetic students are willing to do anything to catch these seniors up to speed. “I feel like I’m more patient, understanding towards what they’re going through- someday I’ll be in their shoes trying to learn new technology and stuff,” says Kaden Darrow.

The seniors who attend these classes want to make the most of their time. Sharron Ghat Pickel says, “Who wants to sit in their chair and just rock all the time? You need to get informed and get out to do things!”

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