Better Business Bureau Warns Northern Michigan of Phony Products

The Better Business Bureau says counterfeit products are everywhere, and they’re costing millions of people billions of dollars.

The Better Business Bureau says counterfeit goods can include everything from knock-off sunglasses to golf clubs and consumer electronics. 

They say a Kalkaska man was among the thousands that fell victim to a scam offering hand-made quilts at rock-bottom prices.

The seller collected money but never made deliveries, or delivered poor quality products weeks or months late.

The Better Business Bureau says counterfeiting costs the U.S. economy between $200 and $250 billion a year.

“These counterfeiters are doing a better job of pricing their products at a discount that’s big enough that you want to buy from them, but not such a deep discount that it’s a red flag. So you can’t just go by price anymore. You really need to do your homework,” said Troy Baker of the Better Business Bureau of West Michigan.

Experts say do your research beyond an advertisement, or search for a rating with the Better Business Bureau.