USA, China to Continue Talks on Tariff War

The White House now believes China will not retaliate after President Trump raised tariffs on Chinese goods.

The Trump administration urged China to “act now” after raising tariffs on Chinese goods by 15% Friday.

The president is now saying the best way to avoid the effects of these tariffs is by making products in the U.S.

Vice President Mike Pence says it will bring in money and jobs to the economy.

But many now believe this tariff hike may be doing more harm than good for diplomacy.

China is promising to take “necessary counter-measures.”

And it could potentially cost American families between $500 and $800 annually on goods. Appliances mostly made with Chinese parts are seeing the highest spike in cost.

Both China and the U.S. say trade talks will continue.

China is saying that will happen in Beijing, but the U.S. is saying nothing is planned yet.

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