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Traverse City Art Exhibit Celebrates Women Illustrators

Promo Image: Traverse City Art Exhibit Celebrates Women Illustrators

From Northern Michigan and around the world, a new art exhibit in Traverse City is celebrating the talents of women illustrators.

More than a dozen artists contributed nearly 50 pieces in the “Drawn to Women of Contemporary Illustration” exhibit at Higher Art Gallery.

Owner Shanny Brooke started planning this more than a year ago, and a scheduling issue brought these pieces together sooner than they expected.

As an artist herself, Shanny says she feels women are underrepresented in the art world, and she wants to do her part to level the playing field.

She says people often question how illustration is different than just art.

“I guess my answer is illustration is art. The main difference is illustration is I would say kind of it’s, it’s made sometimes with a purpose. Either for a magazine or a commissioned piece, instead of just making something for the sheer joy of it. So I just really wanted to shine a light on that art form and I think all the diversity in this show is what makes it really special because we have collage artists, oil painters, drawing, digital art which is something I’ve never had in the gallery,” Brooke said.

You can check out the exhibit until June 7.