Northern Michigan Organizations Honored for Reducing Veteran Homelessness

Some local organizations came together Monday morning to share some big news about their fight against veteran homelessness in our area.

Several northern Michigan organizations were honored Monday for their work to end veteran homelessness.

The Northwest Michigan Coalition to end Homelessness has reached “functional zero” in Wexford, Missaukee and Manistee Counties.

That means veteran homelessness is rare, brief and non-recurring.

They’ve been working to reach this goal since about 2014 and say it’s taken a lot of hard work from a lot of dedicated people to get to this point.

“We’ve created a system and followed these national guidelines on how to end homelessness and we’re taking it kind of one population at a time so veterans is the first one we’ve actually been able to reach functional zero,” said coalition coordinator Tina Allen.

Their next goal is to reach “functional zero” with youth homelessness.