Benzie County Sheriff: No Trace of Plane That Disappeared Over Lake Michigan

A small airplane dropped off the radar near Frankfort Sunday night.

Now investigators fear it dropped into Lake Michigan.

The U.S. Coast Guard, along with the DNR, Benzie County Sheriff’s Office and Department of Homeland Security, have been searching for a small plane.

At this point, no traces of this plane have been found. 

The Benzie County sheriff tells us two men were on board, but it’s unclear of their ages.

“They said they were in contact with an aircraft that was experiencing an emergency situation,” said Sheriff Ted Schendel.

It was around 8 Sunday night when the Minneapolis air traffic control called the Benzie County Sheriff’s Office to tell them a plane had gone off the radar.

“They started to experience the emergency, so the air traffic controllers directed them towards Frankfort, which would’ve been the closest airport for them to land,” explained Sheriff Schendel.

The plane’s engine stalled with two men on board.

The last known location was about 4.5 miles into Lake Michigan.

“If it did crash in the lake and it submerged and four miles out, it’s 600 feet deep, so it’ll be almost impossible to find it,” said Sheriff Schendel.

Nevertheless, crews continue to search for any trace of the plane that was registered to Evergreen Exploration in Howell.

The plane flew out of Ontonagon and was supposed to land in Monroe.

“The difficulty is that the lake can swallow the plane up and we’ll never know where it is,” explained Schendel.

The sheriff tells us Monday could be the last day of searching.

We will continue to bring you any updates on the search.