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Grant Me Hope: Davion

Davion is a fun-loving and intelligent teen who is looking for a home to support all his favorite hobbies.

He loves to fix cars and bikes as well as play sports and would love any family that would love him back.

Davion is this week’s

He said, “My friends describe me as funny, unique, curious, that I like to help people when they need it, and love and caring.”
Davion loves to learn and is very into science and computers.

He said, “What makes me happy is reading and stuff like that. I like to go fishing too.”

Davion is looking for a family that will support his interests and will help him learn.

He doesn’t care where he lives or who it’s with, as long as it’s a loving and supportive environment for him to thrive.

If you are interested in learning more about Davion and the adoption process,

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